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Remember, you and I are lucky. We live in a time when science is interested in studying human flourishing. You can harness that knowledge to live the good life, squeezing more happiness out of this precious life, sooner.

Step 1

Define Success
Reach for Your Best
What’s your definition of success? Take a deeper dive into the wholebeing concept expressed by the SPIRE model—and see how others have used it to create success in coaching, business, and family life.

Step 2

Daily Stepping Stones to Happiness

The e-workbook is designed to help you better understand five specific facets of well-being. Use it to appreciate the good, make connections, and track small yet powerful changes that take place as your well-being increases.

Step 3

Living Deliberately
Living with EASE
This video lesson, “Living Deliberately,” is from a 30-Day Practice in mindfulness. Download the companion book, Living with EASE, and see how to combine the mind-body sciences of yoga, mindfulness, and positive psychology in a simple four-step process. Then use that understanding to constructively grow and consciously shape your life and self.

Step 4

Introduction to
Wholebeing Happiness
Continue your learning and deepen the application. Take the Introduction to Wholebeing Happiness course, a 5-week online course that gives you the science and skills to aim towards your highest and best. Students are introduced to the concept of aiming towards an ideal self, the advantages of a positive focus, the five perspectives of well-being, how to engage character strengths and appreciation, and using evidence-based tools to make lasting change.